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About us

When it comes to Health, Life or Medicare Products, you need a trusted partner. Fortunately, you have MedicarePrepare to help.

What others say about us:

"MedicarePrepare Agents are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. I was able to cut through the gobbledegook and choose a Medicare Advantage plan that has worked very well for me. I highly recommend anyone to get in touch with these folks when the time comes to choose a Medicare insurance plan".


Terry B.  /  Oklahoma City

Our Mission

MedicarePrepare exists to help folks Learn, Quote and Enroll in all sorts of Health, Life and Medicare Plans. We strive to be super knowledgeable and amazingly helpful to our customers. Many customers have been with us for years and years. And there is a reason for that! Come see for yourself.

Knowledgeable Agents

Our Agents go through rigorous training in order to better assist you in choosing a Medicare Plan, Health Insurance or even Life Insurance.

We can help you shop for a plan that will suit your needs & budget!

Friendly Agents

Not only are our Agents knowledgeable, but you will, also, find them very friendly to work with.


We hope to be your trusted advisors in the Health & Medicare arena for years to come. You might as well deal with a friendly Agent.

Convenient Offices

We can meet you in your home or in our offices or even over the phone.


However you prefer to meet - we will be there.

Our offices are located inside major Shopping Malls for your convenience and you comfort.

Huge Variety

We are NOT all alike. Each of our customers have different Doctors and Specialist and Prescription Drugs.

We are in Independent Agency representing a TON of plans and carriers.

We CAN help you choose the right plan for YOU!

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